Konoyo no Uta

This is the song that Saya from Black Cat sings on the rooftop.


Uta o uta ou daichi no uta o kaze o hidakou hikari abite

Moshi wa matataki machi wa kirameku

FUWA FUWA FURURI nemei komete

Uta o uta ou sekai no uta o doko made ikou Sora o aoi de

Hito no fuuoe mushi no habataki

FUWA FUWA FURURI omoi no sete

FUWA FUWA FURURI ashita wa kitto

FUWA FUWA FURURI sora ni todoku


Let’s sing a song

The song of the Earth

Hold the wind in your arms

Bask in the light

The stars are twinkling

Shining down upon the streets

Light and Bouncy

Be full of hopes.

Let’s sing a song

Let the song of the world

Travel forever. Looking up to the sky,

The sound of people talking

Insects jumping

Light and Bouncy

Taking my hopes with it.

Light and Bouncy

Tomorrow will definitely

Light and Bouncy

Reach the sky.


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